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After 25 years - a little bit of history.


In autumn of 1979 five enthusiastic singers of  "Singgemeinschaft Ponfeld" (a mixed voices choir) decided to broaden  the programmes of their choir with some typical Carinthian five part male voice singing. These contributions of the quintet had been so successful that they kept on working very hard and soon had their own repertoire and were able to  do complete programmes themselves. So soon - as a logical consequence - the quintet broke away from its mother ensemble and started its own career.

The following years brought a lot of concerts in Austria and in the neighbouring countries, appearances on the radio and on TV. But beside all these very honourable invitations the quintet has  always felt committed to be present at different parties and celebrations in the village of Ponfeld, in the city of Klagenfurt and around the lake Wörthersee. 

The Men's Quintet Klagenfurt Ponfeld organizes events both concerts and social and there have always been a big number of visitors.

The Men's Quintet Klagenfurt Ponfeld has produced four CD's.




Some highlights of the last 25 years:


October 1982: Concert tour to Munich/Germany
June 1983: Production of the first music cassette, MC "Bin a lustiga Bua"
September 1984: Thanksgiving festival at Krumpendorf
July 1985: 2nd concert tour to  Munich with Dietmar Schönenberger, zither
July 1988: Concert tour to Oberpfalz/Germany
July 1990: Concert in Ponfeld with Kärntner Madrigalchor, Quartett Außerteuchen and MGV Radsberg
July 1991: Summer festival at Ponfeld with mixed. Chor Ruden and Agaton Trio
September 1991: Quintett - mountain tour to the Großglockner with appearances at different mountain  'Hütten'
October 1992: Concert tour to  Siegendorf, Burgenland
March 1993: Concert tour to Hamburg/Germany
November / December 1994: Advent- and Christmas concerts at Klagenfurt und Ferlach
May 1995: ORF (Austrian radio) folk music competition  at Feistritz/Rosental
October 1995: Production of the 2nd CD and music cassette, CD und MC "Den Wörthersee aufe ..."
July 1996: Presentation of the quintet and its new CD in different ORF programmes
September 1996 - ?: The musical part of Sunday Service at the cross of almost 2000m high Kosjak mountain (with guests from all over Kärnten).
June 1997: Concert and party at Ponfeld, Guests: Jauntaltrio
May 1998: Sunday Mass and annual party of  FF Hart/Graz
December 1998: Advent concert at Ponfeld
August 1999: Concert at Ponfeld, Guest: Karl Payer, accordion
December 1999: Advent concerts at Großbuch, Himmelberg, Ponfeld, Graz and Innsbruck
June 2000: Production of 3rd CD und MC "Lieder der Jahreszeiten" (songs throughout the year)
June 2000: Concert tour to  Lindenfels im Odenwald/Germany
August 2000: CD-presentation and concert at Ponfeld, guests: Gipfelstürmer".  Production of a little film for a TV programme.
October 2000: Concert tour to Fieberbrunn/Tirol and to Max Schautzer's Thanksgiving party at Köln/Germany.
December 2000: Christmas concerts at Ponfeld, Tigring und Villach
2001: The year of singing at family celebrations: Five weddings, numerous birthdays, some funerals, 'Hütten'-parties 
Spring 2002: Concerts at Lustenau/Vorarlberg and Stanz/Styria. TV-show "Treffpunkt Kärnten". Own concert at Ponfeld.
June 2002: Wunschkonzert in Ponfeld mit Volkstanzgruppe der Landjugend Ponfeld, Lendorfer Buam und Martin Gries.
July 2003: Das Quintett besteht ab sofort aus fünf Chorleitern, weil jedes Ensemblemitglied mindestens einen, drei Sänger schon mehrere Chorleiterkurse mit Erfolg absolviert haben.
January - March 2004: Guest singers in a Stadttheater Klagenfurt play (Ibsen: Der Volksfeind).
June, July 2004: Production of a new (the fourth) CD.
May 2005: Concert tour Eastern Canada.



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