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Obmann Thomas Mühleisen

Thomas Mühleisen,


high tenor voice, the ensemble's president. Works as a senior manager and computer expert for SYMA GmbH. First steps into public as a musician as guitar player and first singer of a rock music band at Heidelberg/Germany. Since his moving to Ponfeld he has been in contact with traditional Carinthian folk music. At first with the  Singgemeinschaft Ponfeld und since 1996 with the Men's Quintet Ponfeld.


Contact: Tel +43 463 40265 or E-Mail.



Gerold Krassnig

Gerold Krassnig,


Tenor. Works as a technician for Stadtwerke Klagenfurt. First solo singing in school choirs. After his education much demanded singer. But he stays in his home village Ponfeld, first as a tenor voice for the choir Singgemeinschaft Ponfeld  and since 1991 he has been the leading voice of Men's Quintet Ponfeld.


Contact: Tel +43 463 499107, Mobil +43 664 6107684 or E-Mail.



Gottfried Scharf

Gottfried Scharf,


Baritone. Managing director of Ssang Yong Motors Austria Autohandels-GmbH. He started his singing career as a teenager with AGV St. Stefan/Lavanttal. After his moving to the provincial capital he sang some years with mixed choir "Koschathamat". After that he used to be a folk dancer with the Volkstanzgruppe Klagenfurt/Wörthersee, 4 years as the president of that group. He has been with the  Men's Quintet Ponfeld since spring 1999.


Contact: Tel  +43 676 8355 6691 or E-Mail.



Chorleiter Erich Krassnitzer

Erich Krassnitzer,


middle bass voice, the groups musical director. Teacher for English and music at Hauptschule St. Ruprecht, Klagenfurt. A choir conductor since 1975: Mixed Choir of the DG Ruden, Sängerrunde Haidach, small groups of Kärntner Madrigalchor Klagenfurt, and since 1980 Men's Quintet Klagenfurt Ponfeld. Since 1979 singer of Kärntner Madrigalchor, some years - till 1995 and again from 2001 - president of this leading Austrian choir.


Contact: Tel +43 463 261336 or E-Mail.



Karl Hlavacek

Karl Hlavacek,


deep bass voice. Retired Police inspector. He started his singing career in 1970 with  MGV Mauthen in lovely Gail valley. His assignments made him live at different places where he usually joined a singing group:  MGV Mallnitz, SG Kötschach Mauthen, MGV Seerösl Krumpendorf, always as a high tenor voice, which qualified him in 1989 to start with the  Men's Quintet Ponfeld as the singer of the deepest part.


Contact: Tel and Fax +43 4229 3951 or Mobil +43 664 2408792 or E-Mail.




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